/ Test and Tag

If you’re an employer, the Health and Safety in Employment Act requires you to check that all appliances, equipment, electric tools, machines, and extension cords are “so arranged, designed, made, and maintained that it is safe for the employee to use.”

Test and Tag is just like a Warrant of Fitness for the tools and appliances you use every day. Every business should have appliances that are safe to use. No matter how large your workplace, how long the project will take, or how many people are needed on it, safety should still be the common thread. Each appliance and tool needs a Test and Tag. Test and Tag is proof that the appliances are kept in safe working order.

If it hasn’t been tested and tagged, you shouldn’t be using it. If someone is injured using an unchecked appliance, as the employer you can prosecuted by WorkSafe NZ and given a fine of $500,000 and sentenced to up to two years in prison!

All electrical appliances and tools being used on construction sites must be tagged, and tested every three months. This goes for all equipment and cords with a 240v plug attached to it. Because you’re working hard rebuilding Christchurch, we make sure the tools you’re using can keep up with you. At Mister Sparky, we check for electrical faults that aren’t obvious from a visual inspection.

Test and Tag isn’t pointless bureaucracy. Having your equipment regularly checked by Mister Sparky reduces the risk of injury and damage to you, the people working around you, and even the site you’re working on.

After Mister Sparky checks your tools and puts the Test and Tag label on, it’s your job to keep them in safe working order until the next inspection. A Test and Tag check only reflects the state of the equipment on that day. It’s up to you to check your electrical tools for damage, and keep them in good condition in-between inspections.

If you’re selling a second-hand electrical appliance or tool on TradeMe, you’re responsible for the quality of those goods. Before uploading your listing, get Mister Sparky to Test and Tag them, guaranteeing they’re in good working order and safe to use. If you’re renting, or just lending out your appliances, and there’s an accident or injury caused by untagged equipment you could be found liable and face a hefty fine and prosecution from WorkSafe NZ.

Appliances in a warehouse or office need to be tagged every 6 months. Office computers only need to be tagged every five years because they’re not moving around and they’re not in an abrasive environment. Laptops on the other hand are considered mobile devices, and need to be tested and tagged every year, even if they never leave the office.

We offer Mister Sparky customers a comprehensive Test & Tag service, providing you with:

  • A register of your electrical equipment
  • Arecord of formal inspections and tests
  • A repair register
  • A record of all faulty equipment showing details of services or corrective actions.

You may need this information to show your team and equipment are fit to work on a large industrial site, or it may be important for ACC or insurance purposes. In any case, get Mister Sparky to Test and Tag your equipment, because it’s better to be SAFE than sorry.

Mister Sparky believe in safe working environments. If it’s not safe, don’t use it.