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If you need a custom solution for your heavy machinery, Mister Sparky have years of industrial electrical experience on sites across Christchurch. We can help install, maintain, or even build the machines you need to keep your operations moving.

Mister Sparky Christchurch Canterbury Registered Master Electricians Electrical Wiring Electric Residential Commerical Business Industrial Rural Marco Bosgra Fuse Box Domestic BusinessWhether you’re taking on new projects or your business is expanding, Mister Sparky can fit and install new machines in your factory or farm. Our registered Master Electricians can ensure your new industrial machines are certified and code compliant.

We do a lot of fault finding, to make sure all parts of the machine are working properly and integrated with the wider power system effectively. For newer machines we will also work with service agents to get the best outcome.

If it’s an older piece or there’s no specific serviceman then there’s a lot more fault finding. Experience plays a key role in finding you a quality, electrical solution. There’s no substitute.


On a busy site, you rely on your machinery running at full capacity for as long as you need it to. Regular electrical maintenance, servicing and fault finding can highlight minor issues before they become large costly repairs, which affect your business and productivity. Mister Sparky can maintain and service your industrial machines to prevent break-downs and outages.

If something does go wrong, make Mister Sparky your first call. We’ll do our best to get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Test and Tag

It’s important for workplace safety to test and tag all tools and appliances. Not testing and tagging can mean fines, and even jail time for employers and key staff-members if someone is injured from non-compliant equipment.

Different industrial sectors have different regulations around how often tools and appliances must be tested and tagged. Test and Tag is mandatory for the construction industry and must be done every three months. If a Work Safe NZ inspection finds tools and equipment not tested and tagged, you can receive an instant fine.

At the end of the day it comes back to making sure that the electrical equipment, machinery, tools, and appliances you use are in good working order and are safe for everyone to use. If you’re using equipment or machinery that hasn’t been regularly maintained and checked, you’re actually putting yourself and those around you at risk and making yourself liable. Don’t accept a “She’ll be right” approach to tools, health and safety. 

Energy Efficient Businesses

Energy bills can be a major part of the ongoing costs of running your industrial or rural business. Mister Sparky can provide energy efficient solutions to help you reduce them.

Installing motion sensors in hallways or access ways will turn lights on automatically when someone walks in. After a certain period of time, they’ll turn off again. Our experienced Master Electricians can also install daylight sensors on outdoor security lights, so they’ll turn on and off only when they’re needed. Never having unnecessary lights left on for long can significantly reduce energy costs.

Mister Sparky Christchurch Canterbury Registered Master Electricians Electrical Wiring Electric Residential Commerical Business Industrial Rural Farm Stable Outdoor Security LED Timer Light

Fluorescent tube lighting is often used in industrial warehouses and factories. Flouro tubes burn out after around 10,000 hours, and they typically don’t all burn out at the same time. Flickering lights are unprofessional, are likely to annoy staff, and pose a unique safety risk. It’s unlikely you’d call a registered electrician to change and fit one industrial bulb, so how many need to go, and how unsafe does your factory need to be before calling Mister Sparky?

An LED equivalent uses half the power of a standard flouro tube, and lasts around five times as long. With lower ongoing energy costs, and less maintenance needed, energy efficient LED lighting makes for a very cost effective and energy efficient option.

If you want lower power bills, maintenance, and running costs, contact Mister Sparky about energy efficient options for your business.