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It’s essential your workplace is a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for your staff and your customers. Mister Sparky can help Christchurch businesses put the right electrical systems in place to keep you fully compliant and operating efficiently.

Our team provides electrical services to a wide variety of businesses across Canterbury. We understand that the centre of operations is your livelihood, and it’s important your workspace fulfils the unique requirements specific to your business.

Mister Sparky can provide your business with:

  • Reliable electrical infrastructure
  • High speed voice and data capabilities
  • Cost-effective, energy efficient lighting
  • Preventative maintenance and safety testing
  • Ongoing repairs and maintenance

We can help create a purpose built environment to accommodate your specific electrical needs, and meet exact specifications. However, if you find that your plans worked better in theory than in practice, Mister Sparky can make new adjustments and changes to what’s happening on site.

Having electrical work completed around your business can disrupt your workflow, staff, and customers. You can trust Mister Sparky electricians to look and act in a professional manner at all times, causing a minimal amount of disruption to your daily operation. 

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Whether your site is a multi-level high-rise, or single level unit, a warehouse, restaurant, office, or shop front, contact Mister Sparky for all your commercial electrical needs in Christchurch. Big or small, Mister Sparky takes care of it all.


If your business relies on machinery, you can’t afford breakages and down-time. Regular electrical maintenance and fault finding can help highlight minor issues before they become large costly repairs, affecting your business and productivity. Mister Sparky can service and maintain your commercial machinery to keep your business running smoothly.

We can arrange for thermal imaging to check the health of your old switchboards. Hot-spots can highlight bad connections, overloading, or dodgy fuses. Regular electrical maintenance can reduce the risk of fires.

You can trust our registered electricians to be upfront, honest, and keep you updated on the status of your commercial electrical repairs at all times. For quick, quality, hassle-free maintenance and repairs contact Mister Sparky.

Test and Tag

It’s important for everyone’s safety in the workplace, that all tools and appliances are tested and tagged. Non-compliance can mean fines and even jail time for employers and key staff-members if someone is injured.

Test and Tag is mandatory for the construction industry and must be done every three months. If your tools aren’t tested and tagged and are found on site by a member of Work Safe NZ, you can receive an instant fine. With all of the construction happening around Christchurch, that’s not a chance you want to take.

Appliances in a warehouse or office need to be tagged every 6 months. Office computers only need to be tagged every five years because they’re not moving around and they’re not in an abrasive environment. Laptops on the other hand are considered mobile devices, and need to be tested and tagged every year, even if they never leave the office. 

At the end of the day it comes back to making sure that the electrical equipment, tools, and appliances you use are in good working order and are safe for everyone to use. If you lend someone a tool that’s not in the best condition or is slightly damaged you’re actually putting that person at risk and making yourself liable. Don’t accept a “She’ll be right” approach to tools, health and safety. 

Energy Efficient Businesses

We understand the impact ongoing running and maintenance costs can have on Christchurch businesses, and how energy efficient solutions can reduce them.

Our experienced, registered electricians often install motion sensors in hallways, access ways, or bathrooms. They’ll turn on automatically when someone walks in, and will turn off again after a certain period of time. We can also install daylight sensors on outdoor security lights, so they’ll turn on and off only when they’re needed. Never having unnecessary lights left on for long can significantly reduce energy costs.

Standard commercial buildings often use fluorescent tube lighting across a whole floor. Flouro tubes burn out after around 10,000 hours, and they typically don’t all burn out at the same time. That can lead to unprofessional patchy, or flickering lighting which annoys staff and customers alike. An LED equivalent uses half the power of a standard flouro tube, and lasts around five times as long. With lower ongoing energy costs, and less maintenance needed, energy efficient LED lighting makes for a very cost effective and energy efficient option.

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Outdoor carparks should be well-lit for safety reasons. As they’re on all night, LED options can halve your power consumption and last twice as long as standard bulbs before they need to be changed. LED lighting means significantly lower maintenance and energy costs for your business.

If you want lower power bills, maintenance, and running costs, contact Mister Sparky about energy efficient options for your business.